Club Fearless Test #2


Club Fearless Test #2 Skydive Solo from 12,000 Feet or Higher

A skydiver "tracks" high above the clouds


Few experiences can compare with the feeling of flying through the air at 120-180 miles per hour, hurtling toward the earth like an ancient god descending down from Mount Olympus.

And few tests of courage require the level of awareness, concentration and self responsibility that skydiving solo requires. 

Who are you going to blame if your parachute doesn't open?

Are you going to complain, criticize, march in a a protest, sue someone or start a "movement" against an unseen, unknown enemy?

Fear is the enemy and the enemy is within.

To safely skydive solo you must remain calm, focused and attentive. Excessive, uncontrolled panic and fear will cause you to freeze or fumble wildly through the sky, possibly entangling yourself in your own parachute.

The fears you will need to deal with are many: The fear of death (Thanataphobia) the fear of responsibility (Hypengyophobia) the fear of falling (Basophobia) the fear of heights (Acrophobia).

The sky doesn't care if you live or die. Neither does the ground. And the truth is, no one else really cares either.

Skydiving SOLO is one of the ultimate tests of personal power and self responsibility. And it is an unparalleled metaphor for life.

If you want to fly, and fly HIGH and FREE you must take the ultimate risks. 

No risk = No reward.

So what's it going to be?

Are you going to do this "one day" (which never comes) are you going to let FEAR stand in your way....or are you going to start taking action steps right NOW? 

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  • Scott

    Yes I have done this. Too many crazy stories to tell. It’s an amazing feeling.

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