Club Fearless Test #3

Tandem Hang Gliding from 1000 feet or higher

Club Fearless Co-Founders Scott Goodknight and Stephanie Hunter get a lesson in flight from world champion hang glider pilot Derreck Turner at Florida Ridge Hang Gliding School.


Hang Gliding is a sport in which brave individuals strap themselves to a lightweight, non motorized aircraft and soar through the air like an eagle.

Experts say that flying a hang glider is the closest experience human beings can have to actual flight like a bird.

Like tandem Skydiving, tandem hang gliding is a variation in which two people fly as one. Usually, students seeking to gain experience, but more recently, the activity has been opened up to anyone who has the desire and courage to do so.

Fears to overcome: The fear of heights (Acrophobia) the fear of falling (Basophobia) the fear of trusting others (Pistanthrophobia) 


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