Club Fearless Test #5

Tandem B.A.S.E. Jump from 300 feet or higher  

Sketchy Andy Lewis gives Sylvan Slacks the ride of a lifetime in Moab Utah. Video by Sylvan Slacks, courtesy of B.A.S.E. Jump Moab


BASE jumping is an extreme adrenaline sport in which a person self deploys their own parachute from a fixed object such as a Building, Antennae, Span (Bridge) or Earth (cliff)

Tandem BASE jumping is a relatively new variation of this activity in which one jumper is attached to another using a special rig or harness. 

Tandem BASE jumping will force participants to not only confront the fear of heights (Acrophobia) and the fear of death (Thanatophobia). It will also require you to face the fear of trusting another human being (Pistanthrophobia)

If you are looking for a way to dramatically expand your comfort zone and trust with other people, Tandem BASE jumping may be for you. 

WARNING: Never perform this or any test you see on this site without expert guidance and instruction from experienced professionals. 

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  • Kelly Kirkham

    Did this twice with Sketchy Andy. One of 2 places in the world to do this. Never felt out of control….Andy is a fun dude…

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