Club Fearless Test #52

Ride a Rodeo Bull for at least three seconds

In this video: Club Fearless founder Scott Goodknight interviews world famous Bull Riders Ty Murray and Cody Lambert to learn more about the mindset necessary to be the best in one of the worlds most deadly and dangerous sports. 


Bull riding has been recognized by many experts as one of the world's most deadly and dangerous sports. Bull riders mount specially chosen bulls known for their extreme "bucking" behaviors. To hang on, they use nothing but a single rope tied around the bulls midsection. 

When a rider is sufficiently confident and ready to go they give a slight "nod" or shout to signal the man holding the gate closed. When the gate opens the bull "bucks" violently to shake the rider loose. The rider tries his best to hang on by counterbalancing himself with his legs and "free" arm in a waving motion. 

The goal is to stay on the bull for a full 8 seconds.

There are MANY potential dangers to bull riding which can cause severe injury, paralysis and even death. Riders are injured at every single event  Common injuries include broken wrists caused by a failure to release the hand from the rope on the bulls back, broken legs, arms, hips, collar bones and ribs caused from the rider being thrown down to the ground with force or being thrown high into the air.

More severe injures: Stomping. The hoof of a bull that weighs over 2000 pounds stomping down on the head of a rider can cause a life threatening concussion or instant death. Goring. Even though their sharp horns are usually trimmed back, sometimes the bull will "Gore" a rider by thrusting his horn into the riders body. This was the cause of death for world famous Bull Rider Lane Frost. 

Upon witnessing this horrible event, his friend and fellow bull rider Cody Lambert (seen in video above) decided to create a solution; "horn-proof" kevlar vests which are now mandatory equipment at all professional bull riding events. 

Strange Fact: Many people do not realize the bulls are as much a part of the sport as the riders. Both the bulls and the riders are graded on their performance by a panel of independent judges who give an equal amount of points to both the bull and the rider. The bull is judged on his effort to buck the rider loose, and the rider is judged based on his efforts to stay on the bull for a full 8 seconds. A perfect score is 100 and virtually unachievable. 

Fears to overcome: Fear of death (Thantaphobia) Fear of injury (Traumatophobia) Fear of animals (Zoophobia) 

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