Win Fame, Fortune and Immortality!

How to Enter the Contest:

1. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram performing any of the Club Fearless Tests #1-105

2. In the caption of your photo, the following must be included:

  -Your Full Name

  -Club Fearless Test#

  -Photographer's Name

  -Location the test was performed.

  -A brief story about your experience.

  -The caption must include the following hashtags:



         #clubfearlesstest(fill in test number here).  Example: #clubfearlesstest13 

3. No watermarks or words allowed on submitted photos.

4. If we choose your photo, you will be awarded $100 and your photo and name will be added to our website “Wall of Fame”.

We will be choosing a winner at least once a month.

Note: There is no time limit. You can even tag a photo from a year ago or more.  As long as your photo is up on Instagram and meets the contest criteria,  you have a chance to win!